Setting up your profile in the Odyssey Mentoring Program takes just a few minutes and connects you to the Columbia College alumni and current student network.

NOTE: If you had already signed up for the Columbia College Alumni Association’s previous mentoring platforms (2015–16), much of your information has already been imported and needs only to be updated.

  • Log in with your Columbia ID (UNI) and password or retrieve/create your UNI and password here.
  • On the Begin New Registration page, click Alumni.

  • Read and agree to the terms of our Community Principles.

  • Optional: Import your photo and current information by syncing your Odyssey Mentoring profile with your LinkedIn account.

  • Add your relevant personal and professional information, and if you haven’t already imported a photo from LinkedIn, upload one.

  • Click Submit when done; you’ll be directed to the My Home page.

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“Building a friendship with my mentee felt like reconnecting with my 21-year-old self. She had all the same questions and aspirations that I had at that age, and we instantly connected. I helped her land a job at her dream firm and she inspired me to dream like only a 21-year-old can.”

— Neda Navab CC’08